About us

The Private Academy of Vocal Art is the first such private vocal art college offering vocal and stage performance training in Poland. Thanks to cooperation with music institutions located accross the whole Poland, it gives a wide stage-platform for talented students and graduates. The education is based on tailored and highly individual attention of instructors. Students have the unique possibility to develop their talents. This development is supported by the unique method developed by professor Jadwiga Galeska-Tritt. This method is known due to its excellent results in improvement of  individual vocal techniques. The training goes beyond the vocal art and voice emission techniques. It focueses also on emotional psychophysiology and psychoacoustics of each student.

Various and diverse artistic projects and concert programs enable to reveal artistic personalities of individual student.  Furthermore, students have the unique opportunity to collaborate with excellent pianists, young composers and very good instrumental groups. This broadens students? artistic horizons.

We propose 3-years program, during which students have the possibility to expose their own artistic personality and decide about further development: operetta-musical, cantata-oratorio or singer.

The Private Academy of Vocal Art gives also the opportunity of vocal rehabilitation after mechanical congestion or disease. We offer consultations of speech therapist for children and youths.

The Private Academy of Vocal Art represent an institution that enables to develop talents and interests of musically gifted children and teenagers. Besides that, this college aims at  providing a chance of individual vocal advancement for individuals who have not had such possibilities before. Therefore, the college does not put any limits regarding the age of participants to the programme.

The Private Academy of Vocal Art stands for creativity and high standards of musical performance.