a) age of a candidate

  • for women the minimum age is 17, for men the minimum age is 18
  • there is no age limit upwards (age of adult candidates)

b) documents

  • secondary-school certificate (matura)
  • if the candidate does not have secondary-school certificate, other certificate of finishing other school should be presented (e.g. technical college)
  • CV (tabular)
  • application form with short justification of choice of the college
  • declaration of payment for tuition and eventual costs of accommodation in case of candidates from outside of Poznan
  • medical certificate from phoniatrist concerning the condition of the throat and larynx
  • proof of application fee
  • two photos


Deadline for documents:

Deadline for application documents is 30th of September of each year. Documents should be delivered to our office.


Exam entry:

Exam entry will take place on the 1st of October at 5 p.m. in the college.


During the exam you will be asked to:

  • sing two songs (aria, demotic sons or other are accepted) that are different in their temper and would allow the candidate to present own vocal capacities
  • present your general knowledge in the area of art, music, literature, in a conversation with the examining board

The examining board will:

  • define general music capacities of a candidate on the basis of simple music tests
  • define acting capacities of candidate on the basis of accessible texts


Obligatory payments:

  • application fee: 200 PLN (paid once)
  • tuition fee for academic year: 7 800 PLN ? can be paid in installments appointed with the board (monthly, quarterly) 
  • proof of application fee must be presented together with documents
  • the first fee for students accepted by the college in the admission must be paid till the 3rd of October of each year