Passion Play

Passion play is one of the oldest theatrical forms not only in Poland but also in the world. The whole text of the mystery was created on the basis of five passion dialogues from 17th century - Dialogue of misery, Dialogue on Maundy Thursday before Passion, Dialogue on Good Friday, Passion Opera, Dialogue of Passion. All covered by "Stabat Mater" of G.B. Pergolesi and passion motets by Fr.Schubert "In monte Olivetti", T. L. Vittoria "Popule meus" and M. Zielenski "Per signum crucis". Mystery was inspired on Dialogue of Passion, which has been an inspiration also for great painters of 16th and 17th century: "Rest on the Flight into Egypt", "The Taking of Christ" or "The Entombment of Christ" by Caravaggio, "The Three Marys" by Bartolomeo Schedoni, and part of the altar by Wit Stwosz.

The premiere of Mystery took place on 23rd of March 1996 in Music Theatre in Poznan, where it was played during next four days twice a day, as educational spectacle for school children and all other interested audience in the evenings. Since 2001 it has changed its form. The main emphasis is put on the music part of Mystery and its main character - the Mother of God. It also got a new name - "Stabat Mater Dolorosa". Since 2002 the form of Mystery sas been widened for new texts: MikoĊ‚aja z Wilkowiecka "Historyja o Chwalebny Zmartwychwstaniu", texts from the Book of Psalms translated by Leopold Staff and verset from "Victimea Paschali laudes". Since 1996, the Mystery has been performed during the Lent in Poland, usually in churches and cathedrals (churches in Poznan, Kalisz, Leszno, Skorzew, Krotoszyn, Castle in Podstolice and Szczecin).

Currently we are in process of preparation of the new version of Mystery, based only on "Stabat Mater" of such composers as: G. B. Pergolesi, G. Rossini, A. Dworzak, J. Haydn.