Polish Music

Repertoire of this projects is based on operas, songs and choral chants of Polish composers. During the concerts, such arias and parts of operas as "The Haunted Manor","Halka","The Countess","Verbum nobile","Flis" by S. Moniuszko, "Czorsztyn Castle" by K. Kurpiński, are being performed. In our repertoire you can find activity of art of S.Moniuszko, K.Szymanowski, F.Nowowiejski, S.Niewiadomski. With this project we have given several concerts in Poznan, Przygodzice, Pomerania Dukes Castle. These concerts are often connected with national holidays (Independence Day, May 3rd Constitution Day).

Durring the last years the project has been extended to include the polish opera "Czorsztyn Castle" by K. Kurpiński  with original spoken dialogue and performed in costumes.