Director - prof. Jadwiga Gałęska-Tritt

Professor Jadwiga Galeska-Tritt graduated from  Faculty of Vocal Music and Faculty of Music Education at The Ignacy Jan Paderewski Academy of Music in Poznan. She was
a very active member of youth music environment in Poznan in the 60?s, which was noticed by great musicians, conductors and teachers, such as:prof. Edmund Maćkowiak, prof. Stefan Stuligrosz, dr Jerzy Młodziejowski, prof. Witalis Dorożała, prof. Stanisław Krukowski, prof. Jerzy Zabłocki. As a young artist, singer and conductor she was acting on several grounds of music art, working with her peers, organizing music broadcasts for children, singing in concert halls in Poland and abroad, recording premiere tunes of contemporary Polish composers. 

In her repertoire there are several alto and mezzo-soprano aria of the greatest cantata-oratorio masterpieces, such as: Mass in B minor, The Christmas Oratorio, Magnificat and few cantatas of J.S. Bach, Requiem,  C-dur Mass, The Litany of Loretta by W.A. Mozart, J.F. Handl oratorio Messiah, Requiem by G. Faurego, IX Symphony by L. van Beethoven, Stabat Mater by: G.B. Pergolesi, J. Haydn, G. Rossini. With Collegium Musicorum Posnaniensium she has given several concerts of such composers as: S.S. Sarzyński, M. Mielczewski, G.G. Gorczyczki or D. Stachowicz. As a singer and conductor, she has collaborated with great orchestras in Poland and abroad. The second area of expertise of professor Galeska-Tritt is choral specialty. Her choirs and vocal chamber music groups are always applaused by the audience thanks to very high level of performance, professionalism, music precision and interesting interpretation. Professor Galeska-Tritt was conductor of The Choir for Children in H.Wieniawski Primary Vocal School in Poznan, Scouting Chamber Choir (Reprezentacyjny Chór Komendy Chorągwi Wielkopolskiej Z.H.P.), Schola Cantorum, Chamber Choir of University of Physical Education Schola Cantorum Posnaniensis. Her wide choral activity resulted in creation of Music Association Schola Cantorum Posnaniensis in 1996, of which she is the board and art director.The Association was created for musically talented young people, to give them opportunity to present their talents on numerous concerts and theatre spectacles. 

Great diversity of artistic projects results from over thirty years of professional work as a pedagogue and director experiences. Professor Galeska-Tritt is also an author and lector of country-wide, school radio programs, with collaboration with I Program of Polish Radio in 1971-74. 

With listed above choirs, she has won several contests and festivals in Poland and abroad in almost all European countries. Professor Galeska-Tritt shapes their students? musical horizons and knowledge by a capella tunes and vocal-instrumental acts (J. S. Bach, W. A. Mozart, D. Buxtehude, G. Faure etc.)

Professor Galeska-Tritt is a pedagogue, who connects her great experience in didactics with scientific inquisitiveness. She gained her wide experience as a teacher of theory of music and choir in H.Wieniawski Primary Vocal School in Poznan between years 1966-78, lecturer in the Faculty of Vocal Music of the Music School in Gniezno and Academy of Music in Poznan, she was also doing practices in Pedagogue Secondary School. She gave several lectures on courses and seminars organized by COSPA, COMUK, CAK etc.

            Academic career of professor Galeska-Tritt on the Academy of Music in Poznan began in 1974 when she was a senior assistant, then adjunct in 1987, assistant professor in 1996, extraordinary professor in 1996 and finally ordinary professor in 2005. She is also the professor on the Academy of Music in Bydgoszcz, where she was vocal emission lecturer at the Postgraduate Studies of Choral Specialty (1984-94) and since 1988 has been scientific leader of Postgraduate Studies of Vocal Emission.

            Professor Jadwiga Galeska-Tritt is an expert in the area of choral music an vocal techniques of MEN and MKiS, member of the commission for selection procedure for specialty levels for teachers, member of jury in several local and abroad choral and vocal contests. She is the author of numerous articles about choral music, conductor specialty. As a scientist she has created new method of work with emission of voice: ?Emotional psychoacoustics and psychophysiology as basic and correct instrument for emission of voice and vocals.?

  Professor Jadwiga Galeska-Tritt has been awarded with numerous prestigious Polish distinctions and awards, such as: : Odznaka Zasłużonego Działacza Kultury, Medal Komisji Edukacji Narodowej, Nagroda Prezesa Rady Ministrów, Złoty Krzyż Zasługi i Krzyż Kawalerski Orderu Odrodzenia Polski.